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About Linux

My Linux Laptop

Most likely you are looking at this site on a computer that uses something called Windows. If you don't know what Windows is, it's the main software that runs everything on your computer. Windows is what is called an operating system (os for short).

Linux is also an operating system, but it's quite different from Windows in many ways. Unlike Windows, Linux has quite a few versions, many of which are free. Almost all of these versions, called distributions, are available for free.

Another difference between Linux and Windows is that Linux distributions are made by many different companies, unlike Windows which is always made by Microsoft. This means there are more options when picking a distribution of Linux than there are when choosing a version of Windows.

Everyone who uses Linux has there favorite distribution, mine is Elx, the link to their web site is on the related links page. I like it because it lets you run Windows programs and find Windows files. It also looks nice and works great. I tried Mandrake, which is supposed to be one of the best distributions, within a day I had reinstalled Elx!

You will learn more about Linux on the rest of this site, so read on.

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